Installing applications with Obb
At this time there are a huge number of applications that are not limited to 100 megabytes, so for most popular games with beautiful graphics or unique mechanics there is an additional file with resources, the so-called Obb.
To correctly install obb, you need to do just a few simple steps. The first and most important thing is to have an installed archiver that is able to read the ZIP archive, we recommend ES File Explorer.

1) download Apk file with Obb
2) Install the apk, but do not start it.
3) Open the file manager, look for the downloaded archive with obb, (usually it is in the Download folder, long press on it opens a window with the possibilities, we search for the item "Unzip", and choose the necessary place (Android/obb).
5) After all the completed items, in the folder Android/obb, should appear unpacked obb.
6) Enjoy the game :)