Ceramic Galaxy S10+

Керамический Galaxy S10+

Ceramic smartphones are far from new to the international market. But still, not many companies choose to use this material, because ceramics itself is quite a brand, as well as smartphones made from it are very slippery. Despite such shortcomings, she has a lot and positive, which pushed the rest to implement it in their developments. Samsung has decided to break their stereotypes about the materials and use ceramics in the new flagship - Galaxy S10 +.

According to Samsung, in 2019 they will delight us with a multitude of new Galaxy S10, which will be several models for every taste and pocket. This will allow many to purchase the desired smartphone. The company will represent the flagships in 2 colors - black and white. Also, the presence of ceramics will not be in all models of this series of phones, because it is not yet known for certain exactly how much such a smartphone will cost.