Samsung's innovative smartphone

At the ongoing conference CES-2018 in Las Vegas, the popular company held a closed presentation of its new smartphone - Samsung Galaxy X. As it was known from the spread rumors, this model will be folded in half.

Инновационный смартфон от Samsung

Since the meeting was not an official statement about the output of the smartphone, there are no reliable photos, but based on the data obtained by a reliable source, the diagonal of the phone screen will be 7.3 inches. Large-scale production is likely to begin in November, as the company needs to eliminate a number of existing shortcomings. Nothing is known about the exact characteristics, as the design itself looks extremely unreliable and needs some work.

It is also worth noting the very screen of the smartphone, which so far can not be called reliable. Therefore, technologists are trying to solve this problem with flexible polymers. If there is a solution, Samsung will delight its admirers with a new smartphone next year.