Dino Tamers v2.13 (MOD, Free Craft)

Dino Tamers v2.13 (MOD, Free Craft)
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Dino Tamers (MOD, Free Craft) - The plot of the game will take the player to the wonderful island of Arcadia, which is the last refuge of prehistoric reptiles living on our planet more than 65 million years ago. The main task in the game will be to tame as many dinosaurs as possible that live on this little-studied island, create your own personal hero, which has unique qualities, move around the island without making noise, this will allow you to get close to the reptiles as close as possible. Also, do not forget that the game has a multiplayer mode that will allow you to play together in a place with other players from all over the world, as you progress through the game you will gradually reveal the secret of Arcadia. The game also features carnivores that can attack the player in a state of hunger or fun.