WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! v1.0.8.1 (MOD, Free Craft)

WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! v1.0.8.1 (MOD, Free Craft)
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WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! (MOD, Free Craft) - A dynamic multiplayer action game with a large open world in a post apocalyptic style, take control over one of the few heroes who managed to survive, build your shelter that will protect you from any external dangers, including the encroachment of other hostile players. Look for supplies and other valuable materials that will contribute to the early development of your camp. The game has several modes at once, as well as support for multiplayer, in which you can both alone and in a place with your friends to start development, look for other survivors who survived a worldwide cataclysm, but do not forget about caution, because at any time of the day you can be attacked by zombies that attack any fast-moving target that came into view.